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Katte Geneta, born in 1983, lives and works in New York City. She studied Fine Art and Philosophy as a Dean's Scholarship and Grant Recipient at Fordham University - Lincoln Center. She further studied classical and figurative arts in the rigorous, French atelier-style tradition at the New York Academy of Art. After her studies, she explored the free-flowing sumi ink, drawings in volcanic ash and dust, and other experimental work inspired by her meditations. Her work is characterized by limited palettes and forms that evoke quietude and stillness. As a Filipino-American, an islander, the sea is an important part of her identity. The ocean, islands, and solitude are common threads repeated throughout her work.

Katte's work is in international private collections and has been shown internationally including at NURTUREart Gallery (New York, NY), Governors Island Art Fair (New York, NY), Sidespace Gallery (Australia), and Chashama at XOCO - Soho (New York, NY).

She has received a New York State Certificate of Merit and was part of the Visiting Artists and Scholars Program at the American Academy in Rome. She also works as a print designer, editor, and photographer for a museum in New York City.



My work examines the nature of things, nātūra, derived from the Latin verb nascare, to be born. I believe all things are born of water, air, and dust. My works are meditations of the elements, faded with time and distance. Each piece tries to uncover an image that exists somewhere between reality and memory. Revealed are distant landscapes, a mountain on water, or the deep sky at night.

I imagine this place beyond what we see and hint at it, drawing its subtle movement, its fragility and lightness. A place of stillness. My work is quiet in order to hear its echoes and see this place as it moves in and out of time. A place, perhaps, from where we were born.


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